biking on LSD

yesterday, I participated in Bike the Drive – an annual event where the city of chicago turns over lake shore drive to bicyclists. no one told my brother it was a non-competitive event, so it wasn't quite the recreational event i'd expected. (yes he was faster - barely.) as usual, I was thinking about marketing, mostly to distract myself from the physical pain. and I had 2 observations:

1) there's a great opportunity for a brand to make a memorable impression. the event is brought to you by Active Transportation Alliance (which used to be called the Chicago Bicycle Federation until, i'm guessing, all the Segway riders started griping). and the title sponsor is bank of america who, thanks to mergers, are just new yorkers in chicagoans' clothing. but neither are presented particularly memorably. considering the crowd (thousands of people, environmentally aware, physically active, educated - except that guy who cut me off), and the real estate (30 miles of beautiful lakefront property), some brand could really take advantage of this.

2) if your brand makes a product that helps bicyclists cut through a cold, strong lakefront wind, regardless of how you're presented, i'm buying.

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squirmin' herman wedemeyer said...

fine - next year it's segways.