brand conversations (a.k.a. it takes two to converse)

whether by events, social media, in-store presentations, etc., most brands are, by now, engaging in a higher level of conversation with their customers. that's of course beneficial for both parties - customers feel listened to by brands they've invested in, and brands have a better understanding of their customers (though the vocal-est ones aren't necessarily reflective of the overall base).

one thing to keep in mind though: there are so many brands doing the conversation thing well, it's raised expectations for everyone else, and when they fail to deliver, it's becoming more and more noticeable.

this came to mind yesterday, as i saw a chicago sun-times newspaper box. at the bottom, it said, "if this box is sold out, call 1.773.890.7333." i didn't need a paper, but i thought hey, the newspaper business can use some help - and they're inviting conversation. i'll let 'em know the box is sold out.

the number rang and rang, but no answer. whether it's a phone number, a twitter feed, comments on a website, if your brand is inviting conversation, make sure you're ready to converse.

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