connecting with your audience, redux

as a consumer (or "person" in layman's speak), i'm a sucker for messages that accurately acknowledge what i'm thinking at the moment. and i received an unexpected connection the other night watching an nba playoff game, cleveland vs. atlanta.

at the end of the first half, lebron james made an insane 3-pointer. he just froze as he released it, knowing it was good the whole time. it was a great sports highlight, but what made such a strong connection to the moment was the lights around the rim of the stadium which read, "that just happened." it was a simple, accurate response to what i, and many in the audience, were thinking.

all marketing should be so smart.

forgive the lengthy video, but it's the only one i found that shows the message. the shot's at 8:06, the message is at 8:15. and no, that's not me in the opening sequence.

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