happy cuatro de mayo

i got an unexpected spanish lesson this morning from taster's choice.

these wild postings were placed in my predominantly english-speaking neighborhood of lakeview. at first, i was muttering curses to the media company who clearly misguided the client about the audience. but as i looked around that same corner, i began to understand why the confusion.

for example, with a glance west, taster's choice might've thought we were in an italian neighborhood.

a quick peak east, and those posters might've been printed in latin.

and of course, if they'd have scouted by train, they might've thought they stepped right into Lil' Warsaw.

lo siento for jumping to conclusions, media company. lo siento.


Dan Consiglio said...

although i don't speak a lick of spanish, those nescafe ads (at least the headline portions) look eerily similar to some previous and current starbucks work. and seeing how starbucks has now decided to go into defense mode with their messaging, it's pretty sad to not be able to sense much difference in THOSE two brands at street level.

15 ideas said...

si, si.