message relevance

pandora is one of the few sites i frequent where i enjoy the banner ads - in large part because most marketers have taken the time to understand their audience and have catered their message accordingly.

for example, everyone from wendy's to the state of montana have banners where you can choose a themed song list.

and there are, of course, music-related offers.
sprint even has banners with people dancing to different music genres. those banners lead to the widget-heavy, entertaining Now Network site.while this increased relevance is great for the audience, it seems to make irrelevant advertising even more noticeable, penalizing the image of marketers who don't put in the effort. to wit:
with so many relevant messages, pandora creates a dynamic normally only seen on super bowl sundays - that is, an audience that actually expects (and looks forward to) more from a marketer.

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jon morgan said...

i'm glad someone else said this.

i fully believe that by delivering relevant messages to an interested audience, your ad will get noticed. or perhaps even be engaged. maybe the .000002 click thru rate would be higher if we all took time to look at placement and build messages appropriate to both user and site.

also, i can't help but call out the fact that your "what-not-to-do" example is a client of your new company, albeit the NYC office.