unfortunate nameism

as a non-smoker, i don't pay much attention to those stand-up ashtrays outside bars and restaurants, so it wasn't until yesterday that i noticed someone had finally created a category name for them. the name seems to have some unfortunate connotations. (you know you may have chosen the wrong name when, if you google your product's name, an urban dictionary definition places high on the results.)

but more importantly, the name misses an opportunity for smokers to regain some of the social status that's been taken away from them. for instance, what if it were positioned not as merely a pole, but as a temple - a place of worship only open to those who smoked? suddenly, smokers are back in the Exclusivity Club.

a potentially more costly but effective route is to shape the, uh, smokers' pole like an ancient obelisk. maybe make it 20 feet tall, and in the sides, carve symbolic visuals that tell the story of the smokers' battle against non-smokers, and how the smokers eventually won. (it's not true, but that's the thing with obelisks - if it's yours, you get to decide the ending.)

all in all, a missed opportunity.

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