the virtues of chaos

yesterday, i had the pleasure of speaking to ad students at the chicago portfolio school. (thanks to maria for the photo - i was too busy speaking to take any snaps.) i told them this is a perfect time to get a job in advertising. and i was serious - the simplified logic being there has never been more upheaval in the industry. agencies don't quite know what services to offer, creatives don't know what skills to have, media channels are rising and falling almost monthly, and clients are seeking anyone who figures it out. it's chaos.

and chaos is a friend of creativity. i mean a good friend. a families-going-on-vacation-together friend.

chaos opens possibilities that, in better times, do not exist. our challenge is to make those possibilities a reality. fun, fun times.

thanks to both my readers who sent advice. especially greg christensen, who co-authors my favorite "getting a job in advertising" blog, Makin' Ads. and to kelly diaz, who served as an example of how easy it is to get on creative directors' radars. (see her fun blog here.) as for any chicago portfolio students who happen to be reading this, i have to say, tossing all the flower bouquets on stage after i finished was a really nice gesture, but it made for slippery footing. you may want to just stick with applause next time or at the very least, up the coverage on the school's liability insurance. thanks.


Ryann Flynn said...

Hey Kevin-

I like the idea of "embracing the chaos". I'm sorry I couldn't make it to CPS to hear the live-action version of your talk.

Colleen said...

love the Kelly Diaz site, thanks.
Hey my secret letters spell out BULLSH...!

mscileppi said...

Kevin, thank you for your inspirational words, solid advice, and empowering perspective. It IS a great time to get into advertising!

Thank you thank you.