marketing folk today say consumers own the brand, but i think people are confusing ownership with influence. consumers are more influential, sure. but own? technically, i now own 60% of GM but i have yet to see any of my changes incorporated. maybe i'm just hoping for too much from this whole ownership gig.

brand owning has been on display here in illinois (rhymes with "stella artois") as forces battle over who owns the brand of our former governor, rod blagojevich. on the company front, blagojevich is trying to control his image by having his wife eat bugs on an island in the latest season of i'm a celebrity, get me out of here! but the consumers have spoken as well, taking his image to the streets with these stencils that first appeared about a month ago and are now spawning like nadya suleman.

as usual, the consumer response ranks higher on the cool factor. unless of course you're a dog.

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Two seven years ago I remember sitting on a bar stool at Su Casa having a dos eqis (I think I'm mispronouncing or mis something it. Next to me was the marketing director of Stella Artois who made a point of pronouncing it (artwa, accent on the second syllable). Was he kidding me? Does it really rime with Illinois?

Anyway, he said that to really enjoy it you have to drink it fresh.

I thought, "Gosh, first time I heard about "fresh" beer. I don't think I like the idea of hanging my hat on it, but I bet some brand is going be suckered into it." At which point Umberto asked if I wanted another, DE.

Getting back to Stella, though. I can't say Stella without thinking of the Rambo {I just hope one day my country will love me as much as I love my country} guy.

I think one brand of beer started talking fresh. Bud maybe? I can't remember which one. Would you enlighten me if you know the brand that did the "fresh" campaigns and tell me if it was successful?

On the other hand, I loved the "grain belt guys" for Grain Belt, which Tom and Ron had done great stuff for year's before.

Al Fahden predicted the campaign would die. Was Al the best creative hardly anybody ever heard of?

Maybe the larger question is: How does a beer brand know what sells and what leaves the customer with a bad taste in their mouth? BF, Charleston, IL

PS How do you get a crowd managment T-shirt? Maybe the Cubs are just years ahead of their time although I'm still seething how they traded Luis Gonzales just when he was coming into his own.