even guinness is human

i was in a bar recently. i know - weird. anyway, i saw guinness 250 on tap, their 250th anniversary stout. 250 years seems like a long time until you remember the lease on their brewery is for 9000 years. (£45/year.) it has a maltier taste and higher alcohol content, but the real draw is that it's a single pour (as opposed to the traditional two-pour guinness).

one of the reasons i admire the brand is, they realize it's not just a beer they're selling, it's an experience. the glass, the pour, the anticipation, the second round, the third, the car bombs, the forgetting to close the tab, the missing keys, the trying to catch a cab in an unfamiliar neighborhood...

i know it's just a temporary product, but introducing a fast-pouring guinness makes as much sense as jiffy lube introducing a 2-day oil change.

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