i'll miss her more than him

michael jackson and farah fawcett dying on the same day isn't just an unfortunate coincidence - it's a sign of things to come. as the updated saying goes, "everyone's famous to 15 people." between the internet and our celebrity-based culture, it's now estimated that 1 out of every 1.2 people will be well-known for something by the time they die.

which means that in the future, obituary editor might be one of society's most difficult jobs. imagine if, on the same day, the numa numa guy, the angry german kid, and the lonely, fake girl all die on the same day. putting aside the big empty hole on our collective hearts, who gets top billing on the obits page?

it's even further cluttered when you try to rank fake celebrities with real celebrities. for instance the chuck norris facts guy has contributed far more to the world than the real chuck norris.

for now, life is easy. 750 million records sold is greater than 12 million posters sold. michael wins. if only the future was as clear.

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