not bad for non-humans

i came across this bus shelter (technically, it should be bus rider shelter) sign this week. it's promoting a movie coming this summer - district 9. so today, i logged onto the website to see how the rest of the campaign components look. the website has nice depth to it. plenty of stuff on the general site, plus it prompts you to the site of a corporation that plays a part in the movie. there, you can look up the job board (unfortunately, only non-human jobs are available.)

curiosity piqued, i called the number as well, where i began speaking to a representative from the corporation before we were interrupted by a non-human who prompted me to yet another website - this one the anti-corporation site complete with copy written in alien (translatable, of course).

all in all, it's a solid effort that has me wishing the marketing people were in charge of actually making the movie because after seeing all that, District 9 still doesn't look like a good film.


Anonymous said...

I think the marketing people should be in charge of the movie too. It would be better. Let's make this happen, Kevin. Let's do good movies so we can market them effectively. :)

I actually liked this too - and am holding out that the movie isn't terrible.


15 ideas said...

i'll grab my flip, you get some lights.