so we had our wrigley-to-comiskey run earlier today, in spite of oppressive heat and general out-of-shapeness. the crowd was its usual small-but-dedicated. one of the runners said he's run 46 marathons, even though he's only been running a decade. surprisingly, i didn't keep up with him.

a couple highlights: first, this sign as seen on the side of a sou'side auto repair shop. if you run a business on the sou'side, a sign like this is essentially redundant, as all businesses on the sou'side pretty much exist due to city contracts.

the second highlight was most memorable: it was our post-run stop for beers at schaller's pump, the pinnacle of white sox bars. schaller's opened in 1881, and the third, fourth, and fifth generations are all still behind the bar, in the kitchen, or delivering food today. we got the history of the family (all look alike, though as one of the 4th generation daughters says, "the guys are the ones with mustaches"); we heard about the bar during Prohibition (the old peephole on the side door is still there, as is the secret elevator); and we got to meet white sox player Jim Thome's family, though they seemed highly uninterested in my "that's where Thome hits them" story from when he played in cleveland.

the running group thingie is called "memorable miles." all in all, today lived up to the name.

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