owning colors

i lost count of how many clients i've worked with say, "we want to OWN the color red." or blue, or yellow... the fact is, for every pink=breast cancer, there are hundreds of green=bipolar disorders.)

i was thinking about this yesterday, as the pride parade marched loudly by. today, gay pride truly does own the rainbow. the rainbow flag, however, was only introduced in 1978. back then, if you saw a rainbow, it would either remind you of ziggy, the painfully unfunny cartoon which often featured a rainbow; or the university of hawaii rainbows. (the team later changed its nickname to the Rainbow Warriors because they thought being called the Rainbows sounded a little effeminate. now, they are simply, manly, called the Warriors.)

much as jesse jackson tried to own the rainbow with the founding of his rainbow coalition, history has shown he's no match for an army of guys in assless chaps.

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