the rennaissance of rhyme

50 years ago, people would sit in front of their tvs content with watching commercials because 1) the remote control was lost and 2) downloading time on the world wide web was horrible. back then, anything marketers wanted people to remember would be put into a song, like at a catholic church mass but with better rhymes.

today, most marketers have moved on from clever rhymes, but this approach is still going strong in public service announcements. in the last week or so, we've seen approximately 3,000 click it or ticket commercials. i've been reminded to "check your detector." and the local bus shelters warn people not to buy guns for others, which is hard to remember - at least until they introduced the slogan, "don't lie for the other guy."

i thought somehow a bunch of copies of Claude Hopkin's book Scientific Advertising landed in government offices, but as it turns out, it's dr. carol goldberg's fault. dr. carol is a psychologist with a creative bend to her, so she helps businesses come up with catchy slogans. as dr. carol points out on her website, rhyming helps name recognition recall. it also adds, and i quote, "zip." one of dr. carol's most highly touted slogans is, "psychologists are the people experts" which, if you mispronounce "experts" rhymes perfectly.

considering how much behavioral change we've seen in the last decade, maybe it's time to bring back the rhyme.

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Greg Christensen said...

Apparently, there wasn't enough zip left over to contribute to the Dr. Carol website.