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one of my gaggle of side projects involves rigging a motion detector with sound files so every time a person passes by, a different sound is enacted. (long story - i'll explain later.)

now, there's nothing better than a project that allows you to learn new things, but this one is obliterating my comfort zone. here's a recent email detailing the functionality. i think it may be the most awesome email ever:

1: Plugged in, system boots
2: ANNOUNCE CALIBRATION - Plays WAV file to announce calibration
3: System calibrates IR for ambient environment for 30-60 seconds
4: During calibration, system plays a WAV per second; a beep or blip or countdown or whatever you want
5: ANNOUNCE SENSOR ACTIVE - Plays WAV file to announce sensor active
6: SCAN LOOP - looks for micro changes in infra red spectrum
7: On IR spike, system creates ALERT event
8: ALERT EVENT - Plays WAV file, reports motion detected to serial port (for debugging)
9: After ALERT, system stays in ACTIVE LOOP until motion subsides
10:After motion subsides, system initiates COOL DOWN
11:COOL DOWN - system waits for given interval before reinitializing SCAN LOOP
12:At end of COOL DOWN, system plays WAV file to report motion having stopped, reports motion stopped to serial
13:Initialize SCAN LOOP
The following is where we can map WAV files:
- COUNTDOWN (0-1n where n = calibration seconds - can be up to 60)

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