a successful social experiment

went to the exhibit of Peoplescape365 last night. it was the culmination of a friend's project: meet one person a day every day for a year, documenting it along the way. the exhibit was great - the write-ups capturing the good, bad, and ugly of relationship development (or in some cases, implosion).

it was also presented well - to get in, you could either pay $5 or reveal something unique about yourself. your "unique trait" would then be given to a stranger, you'd be given someone else's card, and you had to find who had your card & vice versa. one of the more powerful cards is pictured above.

i never found the owner of the card i was holding (something about hitchhiking), but the person with my card found me (i led the olympic torch through los angeles back in '84 - long story).

if either of my readers are reading this today, the exhibit is open from 11-5 today only. well worth checking out.


Anonymous said...

very cool. i'm sorry i missed it. it brought to mind this site i was referred to a year or so ago:


thought you might find it interesting as well.


15 ideas said...

cool site - i hadn't seen it before. thanks for passing it along, jb.

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