suddenly, mr. pink doesn't sound so bad.

of all the illegal things i've done, tagging has not been one of them - until now. it's for a side project - another long story, i'll tell you later.

anyway, knowing this act of artful vandalism was coming up heightened my awareness of how other taggers are acting. one guy here in town is doing a great job of marking his territory. he carries the unfortunate handle "toe jam." not sure if he's related to the boston tagger toejam, a guy i saw on a message board in boston. (sample post: "yoo honestly dawg i wud loveeee to see zoinx fuck the shit out of carns.")

speaking of swearing, maybe the toe jam name is actually just a homage to the bpa/david byrne video of the song "toe jam" - which is the best use of censor bars ever. if you haven't seen it, here goes:

nevertheless, as an experienced tagger, i offer the whitest guy shout out to my fellow tagger toe jam. as they say in the 'hood, kudos, my friend. kudos.

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