there's nothing wrong with these pictures

earlier this week, i was appalled at new yorkers lining up around a red bull car, clamoring for free samples.

meanwhile, back in chicago...

yesterday, i saw a red bull car outside the cubs/white sox game. a few people were milling about, but no line-up. adding insult to injury, the car was soon shooed away by security. who'd a thunk a brand could have an easier time getting attention in new york?


adam said...

In St. Catharines, Ontario where I work, they pulled up out front of our office and came in to hand us "the gift of energy"
There were no lineups and I was not surprised. The stuff looks like urine and tastes absolutely foul.

15 ideas said...

yeah, you just have to mix it with vodka. vodka, like bacon, makes everything better.