thumbs up

we went to the drive-in last night. yes, the drive-in, complete with the big hunkin' speaker/subwoofer you put in your car.

it was my 10 year-old daughter's first drive-in. she informed us she knew all about drive-ins because she'd seen Grease. by the time i was her age, i knew how to successfully sneak six people into a drive-in by hiding them in a trunk, as well as where the gap in the fence was for those who are too claustrophobic for the trunk. growing up in LA, our main theater was the winnetka drive-in, the last drive-in ever built. i learned approximately 83% of life's most important lessons there, though many of the lessons proved to be inaccurate.

last night, there were no life lessons learned - just another viewing of Up (cried 3 times - again) on a gorgeous summer night. if you're interested, the drive-in is located in the city of West Chicago. because of its location though, they should probably rename it East Iowa.

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