welcome to hotel vertigo

i walked into a hotel room last week and saw the most lovely view out the window. gorgeous sunset over a lake, great clouds hanging around just to add a little color/drama. after this snap was taken, i looked down, and saw the curtain pattern looked interesting at an angle. but it wasn't until i turned around that i noticed everything had a pattern. i mean EVERYTHING. much of which looked like a scab as seen under a microscope. my hope is that, if you put your face right up to your computer screen, you could get a sense of the impact these patterns had collectively. if you're viewing via mobile and happen to get into a head-on collision in your attempt to put your face up to the screen, fret not. that too could accurately duplicate the impact. not sure why the pattern overload - it's a respectable hotel chain. i won't name names, but i will say if this chain didn't exist, paris would still be known as a romantic town in france or a dusty town in texas, and not a type of leech. enjoy.

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