"why aren't you popular with the chicago police?"

the chicago police would be a tough brand to work on. the only time things get publicized is when there's a - you know - "incident." my uncle was a chicago cop, so i know firsthand that police brutality is only part of the brand's story.

the last week, i had 2 brushes with the law. (that's one more than average.) both incidents were reminders of the "protect and serve" part of the chicago police.

in one incident, a street a couple blocks away had been declared a temporary tow zone. instead of just towing all cars as usual, a couple officers looked up the plates of the offending cars (mine included) and went house to house telling people to move them before they're towed. in the words of borat, very nice.

in the other incident, fresh off a final guitar class (and the subsequent celebration of said guitar class), my friends and i thought it would be a great idea to perform an impromptu show on lincoln avenue at 1:45 in the morning. we were a half hour into the set before some tone-deprived neighbor had the good sense to call the cops. they politely asked that there be no encore. we readily agreed.

in both cases, according to chicago law, the police had the right to accidentally shoot me 8 times. instead, they were decent and helpful, and it was a nice reminder of the positive aspects of the chicago police brand.

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