anne of green gables would be proud

as my 10 year-old daughter said, "this could have been MUCH cheesier." and for once in her life, i have to agree with her.

prince edward island (which is long for PEI) is well-known as the setting for the popular book, Anne of Green Gables. so naturally, there are plenty of Anne of Green Gables places to visit. the most prominent one is Avonlea, the fictional town from the book. the town was recreated, as far as i can tell, specifically for tourists who are driving rental RVs.

but it's really well-done. it's filled with actors recreating the story - both formally (on stage) and informally (on the streets). the schoolhouse is just cute as a button.

the true measuring stick of a cheesy tourist stop, i think, is the gift shop. here, the identity is also well-done. the products are tie-ins to the book that aren't over-the-top. (example: remember when anne and her friends drank raspberry cordial and they thought it was juice but instead it was alcohol? well, neither do i, but the people who read the book seem to recall it just fine.) even the t-shirts are smart references to characters in the book.

all in all, an engaging brand experience - especially for a guy who didn't even read the cliff notes.

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