the benefits of missing your train stop

i was on the el recently and was people watching as usual, causing me to miss my stop. one stop later, i got off at quincy. i've been by the stop a number of times, but never exited there. the station is restored to its original state.

according to the official el site on the internets (and by "official site" i mean, "not official site, but much more informative than the official site."), the Quincy stop was designed by architect A.M. Hedley in 1896 in a Neoclassical style with Palladian influences. i suspected as much.

from the tin roof to the wood paneling to the light fixtures to the striking visual signage, the Quincy stop shows off the Chicago Transit Authority at its best. and while a consistent brand message is always preferred, just like when burger king was selling a $170 burger, sometimes, picking your spots can work too.

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