can bob barrie pilot a plane?

on a recent vacation, we took united airlines not because it's the hometown airline, but because we had to fly to halifax, nova scotia, and that limits your options somewhat.

the baggage address label was particularly charming - it featured the well-known illustration style art directed by the incredibly nice and talented bob barrie of the Barrie D'Something and Something agency in minneapolis: a simple suitcase with wings to introduce united's door-to-door baggage service. nice touch.

the original plan was to say this was the last thing nice we had to say about our united experience. (beyond that, it was the usual long lines, plane delays, lack of information, and employee rudeness.)

but alas, upon returning home, we came across a huge line-up of people spinning the "united options" wheel in the terminal, where people could win anything from free refreshments to extra legroom just by spinning a wheel. it's nothing too innovative, until you compare it to the usual inhumane treatment you get at airports, in which case, it becomes a fun, brilliantly human promotion.

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