the gentle-on-the-surface island

prince edward island (or PEI), which you probably remember from your north american history classes, is canada's smallest province. the tourism bureau has declared it "the gentle island" (even securing www.thegentleisland.com which was somehow still available). and for the most part, it is. rolling farmlands, nice beaches, beautiful boardwalks along the sands.

the problem is, depending on what you view as fun, "gentle" can be a euphemism for "boring." fortunately, i quickly realize this brand positioning is merely a front. the island's true brand is Prince Edward Island: The Passive-Aggressive Island. the best example is in this video. it was part of a cool building projection show. note in the first 30 seconds or so that, according to the announcer, when PEI joined up with the rest of canada, PEI didn't actually join canada. rather, "PEI allowed Canada to join her." gentle, my arse.

(pardon the shaky camera - my legs were itching because PEI's mosquitoes weren't gentle either.)

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