hospital visits are like a box of chocolates

just to keep life interesting, we try to squeeze in a hospital visit every couple months. our local hospital is illinois masonic. the last time we were there, we sat in the waiting room bleeding profusely for 5 hours until the blood eventually congealed and we decided to live with the scar and just went home. early yesterday morning? totally different experience.

NURSE: what happened?
MI ESPOSA: i cut my toe on some broken glass.
NURSE: oh my god, i love your toenail polish!
MI ESPOSA: really? i usually never wear blue.
NURSE: no, it looks great!
MI ESPOSA: oh thanks so much!

the funny exchanges continued from check-in through the nursing staff and on to the doctors. i passed an employee bulletin board. it had a flier about a band playing next weekend, and someone had written in all caps, "BEERS ONLY $1!!!" not sure if such activities had anything to do with the improved brand experience, but i can say for certain it beats sitting around bleeding.

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