if it's not nova scotian, it's crap

so here's what i like about nova scotia: they really don't care much for branding themselves. meander about the province, or even jump on their website, and you'll find nary a hint of a tagline, much less a clear positioning. true to their heritage (nova scotia means "new scotland"), they're beyond proclamations. they just are.

the closest thing you'll get are the bragging points found on every community sign in the province. there's amherst ("first in nova scotia"), truro ("the hub of nova scotia"), middleton ("the heart of the valley"), even bedford ("a traditional stopping place" - which just goes to show bragging in nova scotia technically doesn't require anything to brag about.)

the honest, unmarketed demeanor gives a purity to the experience that's hard to find elsewhere. i'd highly recommend a trip.

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