if you're going to brag, brag

it's a well-known axiom that if a statement appears on the internet, there's an 80% certainty it's true. if it appears more than a dozen times on the internet, those odds rise to 90%. but if it appears dozens of times on the internet AND appears on t-shirts, bed & breakfast brochures, bumper stickers, and license plate frames, then it qualifies as a legally verified fact.

such is the case with torch lake, michigan. the residents of torch lake are so quick to proclaim that "it was voted 3rd most beautiful lake in the world by national geographic," you'd think that was part of its proper name. a search of national geographic's website revealed nothing, but if it was indeed made up, it was a particularly brilliant lie. after all, who would do fact checking about someone who bragged about being the third best something?

don't get me wrong, it's a lovely lake and all. in fact, i'd link to the official website to show you, but it's buried in search by people trying to rent you a cottage on - you guessed it - the third most beautiful lake in the world.

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