keeping folk music exclusive

spent a chunk of yesterday at the chicago folk & roots festival. it's sponsored by the old town school of folk music, where i've been learning guitar. check that, trying to learn guitar.

the weather was perfect (which in chicago means it's above freezing and not raining) and it was a decent crowd, though certainly not overwhelming. and i couldn't help but admire how folk music hasn't done much to expand beyond its core audience. part of it is the way it's presented. part of it is the music itself. take a gander (folk music people don't look, they gander) at this video of the midwest fiddle championship that took place there. i couldn't make it through the whole video, and these are my people. sort of.
on one hand, it's a shame the place wasn't overflowing. on the other hand, those of us who showed up now have an air of superiority about us.

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