love and mediocre brands

when last we saw baseball player mark derosa in a cubs uniform, he was going 0-4, and contributing to the sweep at the hands of the dodgers during last year's playoffs.

after the season, he was traded to the indians (cleveland, not native american) for 3 players who are of such questionable value, they will not be named - even later.

for some reason, however, the love for mark derosa continues unabated, as you can see from this sign i saw over the weekend. (the subject was even picked up by a chicago tribune article last month.)

i guess it shouldn't be too puzzling to see such love for a mediocre journeyman. after all, applebee's has almost 82,000 fans on facebook. if applebee's and mark derosa can find an audience in this world where every consumer has a mic, clearly there's hope for all brands.


Colleen said...

You're not taking into account his dreaminess factor...

15 ideas said...

guilty as charged.