memorable eats

we marketing folk are always looking for small brands we could help grow to the point where they're no longer special. it's what we do in marketing - nay, in america.

operationally, it's hard to figure out how great lake pizza is scalable. (i'd link, but it's not the kind of place that has a website.) great lake was named "best pizza in america" by GQ magazine earlier this year. seeing as how there are only 3 tables (4 if you share), it took us a while to find time to try it - especially after the good press.

last night, we found the time - lots of time. there are only 3 pizzas on the menu, all of which have ingredients i'm pretty sure have never been placed on a pizza before. below the menu is a list of farms where that day's ingredients came from. the only appetizer? sauteed carrots. we ordered the carrots along with a #3 pizza, but with salami on only half. there was a loooooong pause before it was decided that, yes, it's technically possible to have salami on half a pizza.

the wait was horrendous (they keep track of orders by moving magnets and post-it notes around a fridge) and the price was unusually high, but any place that has the culinary skills to make carrots taste good is a great place in my book. (yes, the pizza was good too.) as for scalability, while we weren't yelled at, there's definitely a soup nazi feel to the place. best to keep this a 1-location only place, i think.

oh i almost forgot - like church and the secretary of state office, it's BYOB.

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