out playing in the 544

camper van beethoven, which is the citizen kane of rock bands with violinists in them, has an old song called "when i win the lottery." the lyrics say, "when I win the lottery, gonna donate half my money to the city so they have to name a street or a school or a park after me."

i've never quite understood the motivation of having something named after you unless it's a country. (a notable exception is the zamboni but that's because zamboni is a certifiably great name.) walking through the clarence and edna schuester entryway up to the millford and gladys peotone gardens to see a film at the robofsky center? the message that sends is, there are at least 3 families who couldn't afford to build a whole building

that said, i ran into the alternative last weekend (as pictured above). the kids playing in the park didn't seem to mind. and while it seems a bit cold, in the grand scheme of things, i guess Park No 544 beats being called Willis.

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