playing it low-key

SPOILER ALERT: the new harry potter movie is going to do quite well.

if you haven't seen a newspaper or magazine or watched the news, or if you haven't perhaps spoken to another human being lately, you might be completely unaware that a new harry potter movie opened today. truth be told, in comparison to previous harry potter premieres, this one opened with all the publicity normally reserved for a bootleg movie projected on a sheet in someone's backyard. i saw a couple articles, but didn't hear anyone talking about it, didn't see a commercial, didn't see the stars on the late night circuit (though that's likely to come). even the planned takeover of twitter topics hasn't been successful. i only know the movie came out today because my daughter is too young to be a trekkie, so instead she likes harry potter.

which means this summer has seen a funny movie undermarketed (The Hangover), a moderately funny movie that was inescapably over-PR'd (Bruno), and now, a movie that seems to have gotten the hype factor just right.

maybe they're just saving up for the final installment of the harry potter series, which has been broken up into two movies to be released in 2010 and 2011 - arguably the smartest halving since Speakerboxxx/The Love Below.

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