the scarlet letter of the camping world

my family and i, we don't really belong in an RV. so we're feeling a bit self-conscious even before we rent one on a recent trip to the Island Nation of Canada.

we rented one from cruise canada, the remarkably similar cousin to cruise america. as far as i can tell, we chose to rent from them because they're really expensive, and we just hate having our own money. best to give it to corporations, i think.

as the camper pulled up (1 bdrm, 1 bth), i realized the obnoxious graphic treatment they use in the US is also used in canada. but whereas obnoxiousness fits in perfectly with the US lifestyle, once you get north of the 49th parallel, it gets to be the bad kind of obnoxious.

while no one ever literally called us out on not belonging (they're canadians, after all), it seems to me a brand could do far better than making its customers feel embarrassed.

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