this is krazy

KOA is a latent brand. that is, it's one of those brands you don't notice until you're sick of driving a NASCAR'd rental RV and you need somewhere to rest your mosquito nets for the night.

over the last week, however, i've come to appreciate the KOA. sure, they're literarily deprived (it stands for Kampgrounds of America). and yes, their new slogan - "it's not camping, it's kamping.™" is even trademarked, as if someone else could possibly use that spelling.

but the koa is more than a kampground. it's a kampground with a jumping pillow. and the jumping pillow might go down in history as one of the greatest inventions in the world, just behind fire and the wheel but ahead of the taco bell grilled stuft burrito.

(for the record, that's our RV just to the right of the sign.)

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