2 guys walk into an apps conference...

i'm pretty sure no joke has ever started this way. because if there's one thing i've learned at the digiday apps conference (and there's not - there's actually two things), it's that people who know a lot about apps have taken the part of the brain where jokes go, and replaced those jokes with more information about apps.

the other thing i learned (see? told you...) is that if you're going to be anything in the apps space, you have to speak in superlatives. we've heard from the biggest distributor of apps in the world, the makers of the biggest app in the world, the biggest app distributor on facebook... right now, someone is sewing the world's largest quilt made entirely of apps.

social commentary aside, there were some if-not-funny-then-at-least-informative speakers. a favorite app was the sherwin williams color snap app, with a good case history from the people who give us those irritating banners on iphone games, admob. due to flight times, i missed the presentation from chicago's very own (and very impressive) gravitytank. but you can check out some of their apps findings here.

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