ambulance companies that rawk

if by chance i'm in need of an ambulance and cannot speak and you, one of my two readers, happen to be with me, please call superior ambulances. their graphics put the "aw" in rawk. (check out the gnarly front view as well.) i'm not even sure if we'd end up at a hospital, or we'd end up going to see a band at exit. i just know this brand would deliver an adventure.

for some reason, the company felt compelled to let you know they not only have an ambulance, they also have a helicopter. (helicopters are like fake passports or a book of matches and a gas can: great to have, you know, just in case.) the helicopter appears on the side of the tricked-out ambulance, as well as on their website. sadly, the helicopter went with the traditional red/white color scheme. i'm guessing there are FAA regulations against rawking.

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