a band you can trust

last night, we took advantage of perfect late summer weather and checked out a couple bands at millennium park. the opener was far superior to the headliner.

the way it sounded from the audience, the opening band's name was "rah ruh rah rah." they introduced themselves a couple times, so i was pretty sure i'd gotten the name right, but alas, i was off. the band was The Rural Alberta Advantage. rural is one of those words that, when spoken, makes a sober man appear drunk. i bought the CD. if it's as good as the live show, it should be excellent.

i bought the CD in spite of being burned by a CD experience the week before. a friend and i were walking to lunch when we were stopped by a well-tatted dude on a bike who was pushing us to come see his band, Thee Invaders (apparently "The Invaders" was taken and the band was out of other ideas). they had a show at the empty bottle. he even convinced my friend to buy a CD with a "name your price" strategy. my friend was so generous with his price, we were given two copies.

i left the conversation impressed with the guy's hootspa or moxie or whatever kids today have. alas, the CD was blank. my friend saw the guy a few days later, selling his band again which, oddly enough, was a completely different band.

i haven't tried listening to The Rural Alberta Advantage CD yet. but hell, they're from alberta. they wouldn't lie.

would they?


james edin said...

you will not be disappointed.

15 ideas said...

you are oh so correct. they're back in town playing schubas on 9/26.

Traci Trouble said...

Hello my name is Traci Trouble. I play bass in Thee invaders. If I ever see this bald guy I will cut his nuts off! This imposter took our flyer from the empty bottle show and is selling blank CDs of our music. He is an imposter and he must die! Anyone that has any information regarding this guy or his bullshit cd scam please email me at traci.trouble@gmail.com Let's bring this asshole down! I am appauled and sorry to hear that this kind of fraud is happening.

15 ideas said...

aw geez, i liked this blog so much better when no one read it. now, i'm feeling all bad for making fun of your band's name, traci. thanks for posting though. all i can tell you is 1) he was last seen around lunch near hubbard and state/dearborn on a bike and 2) he's very convincing. good luck with the nut cutting.

Traci Trouble said...

Yeah nothing like a good old fashioned nut cutting to scare off criminals. We've got a gig this Saturday at beat kitchen. If you come to the show ill personally give u a cd. We play first at 9:30.

15 ideas said...

see you saturday.