the benefits of spam

a little over a month ago, my computer decided to send an unauthorized email to the plethora of people in my address book. the recipients ranged from clients to coworkers to people i met only once.

a quick apology was sent soon after, but as it turned out, the whole fiasco was really positive. i must've had a great click-through rate because it sparked conversations with dozens of people i hadn't connected with in a while, one of whom is a terrific guy/writer/now director at tool of north america, harry cocciolo.

our spam-induced email exchange has led to this: right now, i'm in LA shooting a spot with harry (that's him in the blue shirt). the spot involves a nice young woman who commandeers an ice cream truck and yells profanity through the speaker system. (in spite of us getting proper shoot permits, the neighbors were still angry.)

because of the whole experience, i've decided to make spamming friends and acquaintances a regular activity.

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