if you can't go to lolla this weekend...

have lolla come to you. i think that was the theory yesterday as one of the bands playing at lollapalooza this weekend did an acoustic set at the agency where i work.

the band was care bears on fire. they're being promoted by the same guy who brought the world "who let the dogs out" (for which he did not apologize). the guy, steve greenberg of s-curve records, had some impressive case histories to demonstrate how much the business has changed. ("who let the dogs out," for example, was launched by working with sound guys at sports stadiums to play the song during games.) he talked about, and i quote, "cumulative adoption in the diffusion of innovation." fun stuff.

then we heard from the care bears on fire, who said they were motivated to start a band because there's really not any music out there that speaks to what they're going through growing up.

proving the point that, while much of this world is changing, some things never will.

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