an inspiring way to end a week

chicago's ad agencies get more than their share of criticism. to balance things out, chicago's design (or design/web or graphic artist or whatever) community doesn't get nearly the praise it deserves. a good reminder of the exceptional local (mostly) talent we have was on display this past month at a show called Public Works. the featured artists were:

Chris Eichenseer (of Someoddpilot)
Justin Fines (of Demo)
Cody Hudson (of Struggle Inc.)
Andy Mueller (of Ohio Girl and The Quiet Life)

it was curated by Someoddpilot, who designed our first Hadrian's Wall website back when starting a website with a long Flash intro was the cat's pajamas. and the bonus round: last night, we got to see two speakers - Harper Reed of Threadless, and the long-admired-from-afar Dawn Hancock of Firebelly.

the show's over, but the store remains. check it out if you will.

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