just so you know, it's drip only

i don't drink coffee, mostly because even without caffeine, i wake up with enough energy to power a small village as long as everyone doesn't use their microwaves at the same time.

which is why i can't understand the sign i saw this morning at one of the o'hare terminals which points the way to the starbucks. it reads "Starbucks (Drip Only) -->"

if either of my readers are starbucks regulars, can you help me understand why this would be viewed as important enough to be included in wayfinding signage? wouldn't the joy that there's a starbucks inside the airport outweigh the disappointment that it's drip only? honestly, for once i'm not being sarcastic. could you help me comprehend here? thanks in advance.


adam said...

I'm no regular of any coffee shop but I suspect the espresso machines take up more space or possibly more electricity/water connections than a drip machine which you can run with pretty much a standard outlet and a sink someplace nearby. The noticeable signage is probably to give the baristas something to point at when people throw hissy fits at not being able to acquire their regular brew.

15 ideas said...

good guess. i'll confirm with employees next time i'm at o'hare. though based on my observation, many starbucks customers are naturally inclined to hissyfitting, so the signage could be all for naught.