a missed opportunity

i grew up in los angeles ("city of angels"), and as long as i can remember, the airport's iconic restaurant has been under construction or repair of some sort. while this has mostly caused cursing from people who have to drive around the construction barriers, i can't help but think they should leave the scaffolding for a couple decades and start to treat it like barcelona treats la sagrada familia ("city of angels").

started in 1882, antoni gaudi's la sagrada familia is expected to be finished in 2026. its constant construction has only made the building more fascinating, as it's become one of spain's (and all of europe's) top attractions.

imagine if the airport restaurant was held in the same high regard as la sagrada familia - as a sacred project where various construction workers put in time before they die, just to say they were part of this monumental project.

i've got chills. and like john travolta in grease, they're multiplying.

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