more scenes from the front

been doing some interesting projects with hyatt. their headquarters fall into the category of "exactly what you'd expect from the brand." on the personal front, it's truly a welcoming experience (as you'd hope from a hospitality company). on the surroundings front, it's pretty immaculate (as you'd hope from the folks who bring you one of the highest honors in architecture). tons of wood perfectly polished. music just loud enough to liven up the lobby. the CD player looks amazing. honestly, even the gaps in the base of the elevator are exceptionally thin. (sounds small, but these things add up.)

this photo is taken from the building's lobby. beautiful trees and a curve just slight enough to hide the "business" part of the lobby - the elevators - until the last moment. very cool.


Dan Consiglio said...

that all wood floor with the huge staircase is incredible. had a few presentations there with CK. did you get any pictures of that?

Greg Christensen said...

I used to pass this building all the time. The curved exterior meant I didn't half to walk all the way to the intersection and shaved 4 seconds off my walk to the train.

15 ideas said...

dan, I did get interior lobby shots, but figured those were state secrets. I have to admit, seeing an all-wood lobby anywhere makes my inner-pyro itch.

greg, any chance of figuring out what you did with those 4 seconds? it could really add context to the benefits of good architecture.