oh yeah, canada

lost in all this chatter about brands we've come across on our trip is how the country itself is branded.

in a word, it's done well. ok, that's 3 words. nevertheless, the logo - simple type with the iconic maple leaf flag flying off the D - appears consistently long after you cross the border. transportation, public works, parks, etc. and the citizens do a great job of being brand advocates, putting the national flag on everything from backpacks to bikinis.

compare that to the united states, where a google image search of "united states of america logo" turns up 1) an air systems command logo, 2) the presidential seal, 3) the olympics logo, and 4) the homeland security logo.

of course, canada also continues to have elements to its brand that reinforce the stereotypes americans have about her. this, for example, greeted us at the airport. but when it comes to branding, we have a thing or two to learn from canada.

come to think of it, we have more than a thing or two to learn. here's one of my favorite old clips from a show they have, This Hour Has 22 minutes. enjoy:

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