product improvements

so there we were in nova scotia (which, in a rare occurrence of accurate information being conveyed on this blog, means "new scotland"), in a store filled with whatever the scots call tschotkes. i looked down and saw what had to be a snuggie-inspired product. it was a kilt, no wait, a towel. hang on... it was a kilt towel.

it was also clearly a failure. because on the very same shelf was the rebranded version. let's look at what the kilt towel people learned.
1) "kilt towel" is a bad name. it says what it is, but there's no magic, or as french canadians say, "magique." insta-kilt fulfills an actual need of people who ask every day, "i want to wear a kilt, but it just takes so damn long. plus, i always misplace my sporran." problem solved.

2) loneliness is bad.
no lad likes to be alone when he's getting out of the shower. if someone's going to wear a towel, they're going to want to have family around.

3) historical accuracy is not important. while family members historically share the same plaid, even the scottish-est of scots can't actually recognize their pattern. ("i know it's largely green, but with a wee bit of yellow...") so having the same family wearing different plaids is a-ok.

4) like sheep on a scottish hillside, people need to be led. if a product is going to be viewed as wonderful, you have to tell them it's wonderful. hence, the additional package copy: "it's not just a towel, it's pure dead brilliant!"

5) the price is fine. once the name and packaging are fixed, this thing is clearly going to take off.


Anonymous said...

could use a link on that one. it's gold...er green. bet that would draw the ladies at the beach

Don MacDougall said...

If the models on the packaging aren't going commando then I've lost all respect for pseudo-Scottish kind.

15 ideas said...

anonymous, it's http://www.instakilt.com/

don, i couldn't agree more, though i think we should grant an exemption to the children.