who knew beer drinking could get better?

if you're like me (but dressed better), you're always looking for ways to improve your beer drinking experience.

a popular new trend at sports bars is the table tap, where you get your own tap right there at your table - no need to wait for those pesky cute waitresses the bars have hired. combine that with a couple other bar trends such as having a personal viewing screen to watch your favorite team, and replacing chairs with couches or overstuffed chairs, and know what you get?


bars exist so we don't have to drink alone. so why take away the elements that foster interaction? ah, at least someone's getting it right. what you see above and a little to the left is a smart little invention i recently came across: a pitcher of beer with a huge column of ice in the middle, so your beer won't get warm. now THAT'S improving the beer drinking experience.

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