another first in a series of one

it's time for the third consecutive first ever marketing breakdown of this week's opponent of the Beloved Spartans of Michigan State.

Michigan State at Notre Dame
Opponent's Marketing Overview:

if i had to do a case study on best marketing practices among universities, i would 1) hire an intern to do it and 2) direct him or her to south bend, indiana. for there is simply no reason why a small catholic university in the boonies of indiana (yes, i know that's a redundancy) should garner the attention that the University of Notre Dame gets other than great marketing.

ND gets marketing, and they have for decades. walk around their campus on game day, and you'll see thousands of people acting like 5 year old girls who've just seen cinderella at disneyland for the first time.

notre dame creates lore for everything they do - their campus (the Grotto, Touchdown Jesus, Number One Moses), the traditional march to the stadium, the "play like a champion" sign, the uniforms, the fight song, the strong worldwide network of alumni clubs that meet each football saturday.

and they amplify the mystique with their own tv contract, and are now playing "home games" all across america (new york and texas are on the docket in the next few years).

as a chicagoan who gets waaaaay more than my share of ND media coverage and as a Beloved Spartan of Michigan State, i've grown to detest notre dame. but as a marketing guy, it's impossible not to be impressed.

Prediction: based on branding alone, ND should eclipse georgia tech's 222 point margin of victory over cumberland in 1916 (god, it seems like yesterday). based on how our respective football teams looked last week, my gut says ND should win by 45 points. fortunately, my gut ain't typing. michigan state by 2.

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