battle of the oktoberfests

the summer festival season officially came to a close this weekend, sadly. but at least it went out in style, with oktoberfest celebrations at st. alphonsus and the dank haus. not one to let a bier go unappreciated, we went to both. both left us giggling into the autumn night, but dank haus was undeniably more authentic by every measure.

music - dank haus had the polkaholics, as well as another band where a guy played a cowbell solo. st. al's had typical festival cover bands like sixteen candles. advantage: dank haus

beer - dank haus had a german beer i can't pronounce in big, liter-sized mugs. st. al's had budweiser, and while the anheuser and busch families are both from germany, it just didn't seem authentic. advantage: dank haus

crowd - at dank haus, there was lederhosen abound. at st. al's, there were balloon hats. advantage: dank haus

decor - dank haus had all 16 german state flags. st. al's had blue and white flags. advantage: dank haus

while the dank haus was clearly superior, it's worth noting that neither location played alice.

7 1/2 months 'til festival season again.

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