better than coffee

had an inspiring start to the day yesterday, courtesy of ketchum. it was a panel discussion about social media, or rather, it was NOT about social media, as the panelists consistently pointed out. what it was about is social behavior - a small but significant difference for brands online. it was held at Flashpoint Academy which, as the backdrop says, is a school for media arts and sciences. in other words, just the kind of folks we need moving forward. panelists included Charlene Li who co-authored Groundswell, paul rand who runs a sharp company we've worked with called the Zocalo Group, howard tullman who runs Flashpoint, and a guy from Ketchum whose name i can't remember in spite of the fact that he was funny and insightful (always a great combination). the last question of the day was, "give one piece of advice for people in the audience." the best response:

learn to sleep faster.